Course curriculum

    1. Presentation: Course Introduction - Why Does Nutrition Matter?

    2. Self Assessment Questionnaire

    3. Introduction To Cooking: Kitchen Safety Basics

    4. Recipe: Blueberry Chia Seed Jam

    1. Presentation: Food Detectives - How To Read A Food Label

    2. Quiz: How To Read A Food Label

    3. Introduction To Cooking: How To Read A Recipe

    4. Recipe: Banana Almond Pancakes

    1. Presentation: Use Your Carbs Wisely

    2. Quiz: Use Your Carbs Wisely

    3. Recipe: Granola

    1. Presentation: Vegetables And Fruit - Eating The Rainbow

    2. Assignment: Discover A New Vegetable Or Fruit

    3. Introduction To Cooking: Knife Skills And Safety

    4. Recipe: Roasted Vegetables

    5. Recipe: Perfect Quinoa

    1. Presentation: Sugar - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    2. Assignment: Finding Sources Of Hidden Sugar

    3. Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Squares (or Balls)

    1. Presentation: Protein Power

    2. Quiz: Protein Power

    3. Introduction To Cooking: First Aid For Cuts And Burns

    4. Recipe: Egg Muffin Frittata

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